Other activities

  • Norwegian Diabetes Register for Adults - Noklus is responsible for the development and day-to-day running of the register, which is a National Quality Register. Its main aim is to improve the quality of treatment for people with diabetes. The register also provides data for research on diabetes and diabetes-related conditions.
  • INR self-monitoring and self-management - Noklus offers educational courses about self-dosing and self-monitoring of INR to Norwegian patients on warfarin treatment. Studies have shown that self-management makes patients more knowledgeable, and that they enjoy a greater sense of freedom and confidence in respect to their own situation, and that their quality of life is better.
  • Noklus provides guidance to GPs, specialists and nursing home doctors in the clinical use of laboratory tests.
  • Case histories - Noklus circulate clinical case histories and questions addressing the use of specific laboratory tests to participating GPs. Feedback provides guidance in the use of laboratory investigations to GPs.
  • Research and development are important aspects of the work at Noklus. Noklus has built a sound international reputation for its research on point-of-care analysis and laboratory testing in primary health care. Current and completed Phd degrees