More about what we offer our participants

Our goal is to offer external quality assessment (EQA) programs for all point of care (POC) analyses performed by at least 50 primary care laboratories. At our headquarters in Bergen we produce a selection of in-house produced EQA-materials, distributed to primary health care, but also to hospital- and private medical laboratories. In addition, we coordinate the enrolment of hospital- and private medical laboratories in external quality assessment (EQA) schemes from other EQA organizations. We collaborate actively with several EQA organizations.

Read more about our EQA-schemes: EQA programs

Noklus provides guidance and tuition to our participants from Norwegian GP practices, nursing homes, home health care and other health care institutions through site visits, telephone calls, e-mails and courses. We also offer advice on what analytical methods to use.

Noklus assists hospitals- and private medical laboratories in professional and practical questions and engage in various quality development projects in close collaboration with national and international academic communities.

Approximately 10 000 people attend our 1000 courses throughout the country each year, which makes Noklus a major organizer of courses for health care providers. Our annual user meeting in Clinical Chemistry is a popular educational gathering for biomedical laboratory scientists and medical specialists.

Noklus also offers ten web-based courses (e-learning) in laboratory work, which cover topics such as blood and urine sampling, point of care testing, pre-analytical errors and quality assurance work. Our two web-based courses about Covid-19 (in Norwegian) are available also for non-participants.